2 arrested after drone allegedly gets too close to NYPD helicopter over GWB

What was once a rare sight in our skies, an expensive hobby for adults, is now a toy for teens and young adults.

But Remy Castro is in trouble, accused of flying his drone too close to the George Washington Bridge, a no-fly zone.

Police officials say Remy and his friend, flying his own now confiscated drone, were in a park area near the Hudson in Washington Heights when they also flew their drones in the path of an NYPD chopper.

But Remy and his brother say their drones were never twenty blocks south, near the GWB.

Remy and his friend were both charged with felony reckless endangerment and released without bail.

Jonathan says he will continue to carefully operate his drone, which like so many other models, are legal to own and fly recreationally.

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