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Delta apologizes for embarrassing World Cup tweet

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Delta Airlines got some heat for a World Cup tweet.

After the United States beat Ghana Monday, the airline tweeted out a picture of the Statue of Liberty next to the U.S. score and a giraffe next to the Ghana score.

The only problem, there are no giraffes in Ghana.

Twitter was quick to call Delta out for the mistake.

The airline issued a statement, apologizing for the tweet.

“Last night, we posted a congratulatory message on Twitter and Facebook to the U.S. Soccer team on its win in a World Cup game. The message used an image of a giraffe to represent Ghana. The image was both inaccurate and inappropriate.

As a global airline, we understand the role images play in shaping global perceptions. We also recognize our responsibility to create messages that are both accurate and inclusive. We take this responsibility seriously.

Yesterday, we failed to meet this responsibility. For this, we sincerely apologize.

We have removed the image and are reviewing our processes to ensure that future images and posts reflect both our values and our global focus.”