Sure, it’s World Cup time, but it’s still business as usual for some of the most devout fans

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NEW YORK (PIX11)–On Thursday, PIX 11 News had the exclusive story of the Brazilian Consulate blowing off future travelers who had appointments by shutting down the office in order to the watch Brazil’s World Cup opener.

So what was the scene like 24 hours later at the Mexican consulate?  It was business as usual with of course the Mexico-Cameroon game on the screen in rooms around the building.

A senior staffer told PIX11 News that “we keep business going on a daily basis.”

Mexicans make-up the city’s third largest Latino group.  Tens of thousands can be found behind the scenes of some of the city’s finest restaurants.

Jorge Valencia is one of them.

Valencia is the manager of Sala, a Tapas bar and restaurant on 19th street in midtown.  Valencia shared with PIX11 News the precautionary measures his restaurant took before today’s lunch hour game involving Mexico.

“I had to make a mandatory meeting to make sure that everybody show up,” he said.

The problem for Valencia — who again manages a Spanish restaurant — is that Spain was also playing at 3:00 p.m. in the second game.

“I have also you know a few people that work for me from Spain,” Valencia, who later admitted that his entire staff showed up, said.

The spirit of the World Cups was clearly evident a few doors down at Italian restaurant Zio.

Ricardo and Daniel told PIX11 News that they always support Mexico, but unlike in their homeland where everything comes to a standstill, here their priorities are different, “The obligation for one here is to work.”

Meanwhile while “completos” and “empanadas” were being served up at Chilean Restaurant the San Antonio Cafe in Astoria, we saw a Mexican worker celebrating a goal while with her Chilean boss Mabel Santana.

Coincidentally, Chile played at 6 p.m.  Santana, said that on a day where Chile and Mexico were playing, she was not at all concerned with the potential that some workers might not show up.

“No, not really because since we have the TV here whatever break we have, we enjoy it while we’re working,” she said.

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