Kids are spending less on Father’s Day than for Mother’s Day

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Whether you want to believe it or not, when it comes to mom vs. dad, mother’s day trumps father’s day on every level.

Whether it’s the amount of money spent or the thoughtful gifts, mom usually makes out like a bandit.

Americans are expected to spend $7.4 billion less on gifts for dad this father’s day than they spent last month on mother’s day.

That’s a huge deal – so what gives?

While everyone has a theory as to why dads don’t get as much love as moms do.

Maybe these numbers could shed more light on it.

According to if you were to create a salary for a typical dad – with common household tasks of mowing the lawn and fixing the car.

That salary. $24,000.

Meanwhile if you consider all the things mom does – and calculate a salary… They get three-times as much. $63,000.

Mystery solved.

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