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Brooklyn bar kicks off World Cup with a cocktail for each team

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COBBLE HILL, Brooklyn (PIX11) – The World Cup may still be two days away from kicking off, but the cocktails have already started to flow at one Brooklyn bar where the owners have created a drink for each of the 32 teams in this year’s tournament.

Cheers, Salud, Slainte!  It doesn’t matter how you says it to Fernando Camberos and Angelo Schifilliti.  The two restaurateurs and self-proclaimed soccer nerds are just hoping you’ll drink up for the World Cup.

“It’s always very exciting, very emotional, and let’s be honest: soccer is the best sport to be watching on TV,” Schifilliti said.  Which is why the owners of Hunter’s restaurant in Cobble Hill decided to put together a special cocktail menu for the world’s biggest tournament.

“We went through all the teams, chose the best players on those teams and then tried to come up with cocktails for each one.”

The result — 32 drinks embodying 32 of the greatest players in the world.

“Some players like Messi, Ronaldo they’re big personality guys right?  But some players, some teams you’re looking around like what specifically can I say about this country, this person?” said Camberos

So Camberos says he and his team did a lot of research, and a lot of drinking.

World Cup drink menu

One Brooklyn bar has created cocktails for every team in the world cup, here are the recipes for the group of death teams.

“In a typical cocktail list that we have we try the cocktails 20, 30 times.  This one was a little bit less, but there’s 32 cocktails so it was a lot.”

The effort shows with classic cocktails like the Fernet and Coke — which represents Argentinian star Lionel Messi — and more extravagant cocktails like the Dirty Sanchez, named for Chilean star Alexis Sanchez.

“1 Oz lemon juice, dash of bitters, and some egg white.  The egg white is going to make it nice and frothy like a Pisco Sour.”

For Team USA there’s Dempsey’s Texan Wildfire for captain Clint Dempsey, a Texas native.

To keep the cocktails authentic, the duo brought in some new liquor from around the world and the proper fruit for garnish.  And to show support for their countries, the owners will offer traditional beers when those teams score a goal.

Peroni for Italy,​ Quilmes for Argentina, and Tecate for Mexico, the country were the owners first met.

But here at Hunter’s, as teams get eliminated from the World Cup, the drinks will get knocked off their drink menu.  So if there’s a team that you’re rooting for, you’re going to want to make sure you get here for the early rounds.

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