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Teacher allegedly tapes students’ mouths shut

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ELIZABETH, N.J. (PIX11) – An elementary school substitute teacher has been suspended after a 9-year-old girl accused the educator of taping her mouth and the mouths of her friends shut while the class played a “quiet game.”

The student told PIX11 News Friday morning that she and her friends were talking when they were supposed to silent. That’s when a substitute teacher allegedly covered her mouth, up to her nose, in tape, making it difficult for the third grader to breathe.

Four other students’ mouths were taped, the school said citing an investigation in the allegations.

“We kept talking too much. She got very frustrated then she called on me and four students to tape (our) mouths,” student Angelique Correa Henderson told PIX11 News Friday.

Henderson said the teacher used tape to cover the students’ mouths, adding that “it hurt.” The little girl said the teacher used “duct tape and some kind of clear tape,” but the school refutes that, saying the incident involved minimally adhesive hobby tape.

The alleged incident happened May 28 at Winfield Scott School No. 2 on Madison Avenue in Elizabeth, N.J.

A parent reported it to the students’ usual teacher over the weekend. When the teacher, who was absent the day of the incident, returned to class Monday, she told school administrators.

The unidentified substitute teacher, who does not have a history of reported problems with students or parents, is no longer working at Winfield Scott, the school said.

The school is investigating the case. Police in Elizabeth and the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency are also looking into the allegations.


  • schooledbynuns

    CPS, really?!! These children have no imposed discipline. Learning can not take place if there is no order in the room. These Children lacked fear of consequence. All manner of recourse has been striped from authority. I fear for the future of USA. BTW, When these girls start waxing their lips in a few years it’ll hurt more.

  • Elaine Kelly

    Oh come on ! We had to hold all Our books while standing in the back of the class room years ago, all sorts of punishments . I am not sure I would have used tape or agree with the use of it , but I am certain this teacher did not intend on harming these kids. People blow things out of proportion,.. this guy is looking for money .

  • Jasmine correa

    Blah blah blah you guys are so ignorant.. You do not kno this child to talk out of your butts.. I’m sure if your own child came home telling you the that her mouth was duct taped you would flip.. Get your story straight my niece is a good child and duct tape is a lil extreme.. Let me duct tape your mouths and pull it off to see if you like it.. Smh..

    • Joy Karen

      i know how bad you must feel if your 9 year old relative has come home with a story like this; however, i am a retired teacher and taught for nearly forty years in both junior high school and high school, so i can well understand that teacher’s frustration because very few of you know what it’s like to have a class filled with students, sometimes to overcrowding, and then to have those one or two students who have no respect for authority, who fend for themselves while at home, a lot of times alone, and who disrupt your class every day. in this case,this was the substitute, but if someone were to ask the regular teacher of that class about that particular “little” girl, i will bet that the regular teacher’s response would be quite negative about that child. i used to be so happy when certain students were absent because it meant that i would be able to teach my lesson unencumbered by their lack of manners and home training; by their constant disruptions and worst, by their thinking that their comments were funny. i always hated the kids who thought that they were comedians but whose jokes were lame and always stupid and all their talking did was to disrupt the class and keep everyone else from learning just because they themselves had no respect for learning.

    • Mike

      That’s the problem right there. Parents want to blame someone else for their kids’ inability to respect authority. How about telling your kids “shame on you for not listening to the teacher. You deserved it. I’d have whipped your but for disrespected me in that setting”. Reimpower teachers, especially substitute teachers to enforce discipline in the classroom.

  • KPJ

    (Whistles) What a bad decision on the part of the substitute teacher. As a teacher I can relate to her frustration, and my first thought was if the parent talked to his daughter about not disobeying the teacher which is in many ways what started this mess. I do not in any way condone what the teacher did, but at the same time, children need to learn respect for authority. She is obviously traumatized, but is coming away from this feeling she is hard done by, instead of understanding her role in the matter. Apparently it wasn’t duct tape though, but tape that was not as hard on the skin. It was still very wrong for the teacher to do this. I say the poor regular teacher as well. She was probably off sick and had to come back to a big problem.

  • Denni Macklin

    Many moons ago, if I had told my parentsthat the teacher used tape on my mouth my parents would have said what caused that then would have told me that I should have shut my mouth. Then I would have been punished for disobeying the adult. That little girl is a chatterbox and did not follow the rules. She will get over it and her parents should not placate her. The kids today have no respect for adults. She needs her behind spanked.

  • Marc Verrier

    I understand that kids should be ruled with an iron hand but that’s at home by the parents. At school, kids need to be sent to the guidance councilor or principal etc… Regardless of what kind of tape it is… it is not up to the teacher what kind of punishment should be dealt out. Parents are to be called and to be either suspended for a few days to a week if this seems to be an ongoing problem. The parents themselves can decide if other forms of punishment is needed, My kids know that if I am called cause of bad behavior and being suspended will be cleaning the house from top to bottom and grounded for at least 2 weeks. I don’t spank them, I hit them where it hurts… no snacks, grounded , no tv or games, friends etc…

  • V8Fusion

    I do not agree with duct taping their mouths. However, why did the girl and her friends continue to talk when asked not to. They were hindering teaching and learning from taking place. We need more serious conseqences for poor student behavior. Catholic and Charter schools will NOT tolerate this behavior from students. They will get detention, suspended or both. This is one of many reasons why public education is going DOWN the drain.


    Give this substitute a cookie. Society is far too caught up in being ‘friends’ with children that they look to lay blame on anyone but the children for their behavior and decisions. If teachers were able to paddle, time out, give vinegar, smack hands with rulers like they used to, the quality of students would go up.

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