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Former Giants star Will Hill trashes NJ rental home, refuses to pay up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — For more than three months now, I’ve been trying to find troubled Giants football star Will Hill.

Now, it looks like he’ll successfully duck me because the Giants cut him a couple of days ago. They’d had enough. Hill had been suspended three times for violating the NFL’s drug policy.

I was trying to find him on behalf of Jameelah Wiliams of West Orange. That happens to be where Will Hill grew up.

Jameelah rented him a beautiful home there. To say he trashed it is an understatement.

“I’m really disgusted with him. This is such a beautiful house,“ Jameelah told me back in February. “My grandparents lived here for so long. We just have so many great memories. And we really just wanted to keep the house in our family. But he destroyed it.”

Jameelah says everything in the house was new before Hill moved in. But she says the former Giants defensive back made a dogs breakfast out of her family’s property. Indoor paintball games on the new hardwood floors. Maggot infestations, holes in the walls, dog feces from his four pit bulls and dirty bathtubs.

“The grand total including loss of income from the months we couldn’t rent it was about $15,000.”

Jameelah says she agreed with one of Will Hill’s financial advisers to settle for just $2,500. Better to get something than nothing, she thought. But they didn’t even follow through on that. And when I went to their offices, they were no help and asked us to leave.

Hill’s agents likewise offered no help.

When I went to Giants Stadium on the first day of drills last week, Hill apparently had already split. Then a few days later, the Giants got rid of Mr. Trouble.

So where does that leave Jameelah? Out all that money, although she thinks karma is catching up to Will Hill.

That karma has him now with the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League, at least while he sits out his latest NFL suspension.

Me? I’m just disgusted with him and all his enablers. At least the Giants aren’t playing his game anymore.


  • TylerD

    That doesn’t look like a ton of damage to be putting him on blast like that. I mean a dirty tub, some holes in the dry wall l. The floors need re finishing and the house needs a good cleaning but come on. This lady should have at least a month and a half of a deposit for him.

    • Nick

      You’ve never been a land lord. Many tenants leave with the home in great condition. Sounds like Will Hill never cleaned up after himself or respected anyone else’s property. Come on dude, if you’re dog crapped in the living room would you clean it or leave it there? The guy was living like an animal and she has every right to be upset. She probably wouldn’t have put him on blast I’d he has just paid his debts but he won’t even pay his child support so she’s pretty much the last in line. Will Hill takes no responsibility for any of his actions. He is not a man.

      • yesenia

        Well said I agree how dare he put all his children in that shame…….smh he deserves everything that’s coming to him and more.Sorry excuse of a man is what he is.

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