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16-year-old pleads guilty to killing parents because they took away iPod

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NORFOLK, Va. (CNN) — A 16-year-old high school student pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing his parents in a savage attack just before Christmas last year, apparently because of their seemingly benign punishments, “like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

Vincent Tyrell Parker was arrested after the slayings of Carol T. Parker and Wayne Earl Parker at the family home on Norfolk’s Bland Street.

At the time of the crime and for months after, police and prosecutors refused to release the name of the arrested suspect, and they also would not identify what relationship he had with the victims. They withheld those details because of his age. Now, court records show, he is being charged in Norfolk Circuit Court as an adult.

Autopsy reports show on Dec. 19, Parker armed himself with eight kitchen knives, an aluminum bat and a crowbar and went upstairs to find his mother. She was stabbed repeatedly in the face and neck, and beat in the head so severely the medical examiner identified 25 separate wounds. She died on the floor near her bed.

Court records alleged the teen then went downstairs to wait for his father to come home.

According to an officer’s report, Parker first hit his father with the crowbar and then stabbed him in the chest and back. The suspect then left the house and the father was able to call 911, the officer said. He told the first officers his son attacked him and killed his wife. Wayne Parker died later that night.

Before Wednesday, it wasn’t clear what could have triggered such a brutal attack. An honor roll student and only child, Parker had no record of mental illness.

“I just remember getting mad,” Parker told investigators, according to PIX11 sister station WTKR in Norfolk. “It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

vincent parker

Vincent Parker, 16, admitted to killing his parents shortly before Christmas 2013 in Norfolk, Va. (Photo: WTKR)

Those details were included in the prosecutor’s “stipulation of facts” presented to a judge Wednesday, WTKR reported.

The boy’s grandfather said the suspect is a “smart young man. He is smart in school. I don’t know what happened.”

Parker frequently hosted online chats and posted the transcripts on his Facebook page.

In the more than 300 questions he answered from friends and strangers, he never expressed animosity to his parents. He told those chatting with him he enjoyed tennis and art, and he wanted to be a police officer.

But some of his chats oddly foreshadowed what happened in December.

When someone asked him what crimes deserve the death penalty, he replied, “Ummm, make your son do chores.” And when faced with this question, “Is it possible to justify a murder?” Parker replied simply, “Yes.”

Parker also shared with his friends that he was gay, but as of late last summer, he had not told that to his parents. People who know him say he revealed that secret to his family near the start of the school year, and afterwards, seemed to grow more distant from his parents, especially his father. But Parker posted nothing online that hinted anger, or violence.

The teen has been held in the Norfolk Detention Center since his arrest.


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