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Al Sharpton derides both parties in alleged rough arrest of 14-year-old boy

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BELMONT, The Bronx (PIX11) – Community leaders, including Rev. Al Sharpton, derided all parties involved in the alleged rough arrest of a 14-year-old boy whose heart and lungs were pierced by shards of glass when he went through a glass window.

Sharpton said if the teen did something wrong, his parents would have handled it. And if the NYPD sergeant did something wrong, Sharpton called on the city to handle him.

Javier Payne, 14, and a friend were arrested the night of May 17. The boys allegedly assaulted a worker at Hookah Spot on Arthur Avenue after he refused to sell them cigarettes.

Police handcuffed Payne and his 13-year-old friend. But it’s what happened next that has the teen’s family furious.

Payne said the sergeant slammed him through the glass window of the hookah bar.

teen rough arrest

Javier Payne, 14, appears in public Saturday, May 24, 2014, for the first time since he left a hospital after an alleged rough arrest that left him with shards of glass in his lungs and heart. (Photo: PIX11)

Payne underwent surgery and now has 50 stiches and medical stables in his chest and forehead. He did not speak at a news conference Saturday at the National Action Network headquarters in Harlem.

Payne’s family said that although the teen does not have a criminal record, he can get unruly. Police said the 14-year-old was mouthing off to an arresting sergeant before he went through the window.

“I don’t care what he said. A police trained does not shove a handcuffed child. If you are so agitated that you can shove a handcuffed child out of anger, you ought not be on the police department,” Sharpton said.

The seven-year department veteran has been suspended, his gun and badge taken, until further notice. The NYPD said it took action after reviewing surveillance video from the hookah bar.

It is protocol for the NYPD to investigate allegations of excessive force by its officers. The Bronx District Attorney’s Office said it is also looking into the case.



  • Joe

    the kid got what he deserved. Al Sharpton….c'mon – if the kid did something wrong the parents will discipline him. At 13 he is acting like a thug. His Parents should of raised him Right To Begin With. I notice how he seems to come out just when it might be constreed as racist or the Police are involved. He doesn't care for the kid just the press he's getting. He is the biggest racist their is.Still stuck in the 60's mentality. Probably has a Black Panther Card.
    But the Child attacked a store employee for Not selling Him Cigarettes – He is 13 acting like an adult. Charge him like an adult. Have CPS check on the rest of those MODEL Parents and remove what kids they got.Nip the problem in the bud, have the kids raised right.
    As for the cop – 2 lletters IA. They do they job and it's a hard job to police your own but unfortunately a necessary evil. Like the saying goes Power Corrupts – Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
    Well that my rant. All Have a good weekend.

    • Fred

      PIX should track this beasts criminal record over the next few years. I'll bet you this is just the first of many many problems this kid will have and each time his family will blame someone else

  • Shurlock

    @Joe, The kid was in handcuffs and was not a danger to the police. When they "occupy" your community and disrespect everyone, then you would see it a different way.

  • Fred

    The City needs to hold the Free breeding Parents of these out of control young feral youths responsible.

  • Sam

    This kid deserved what happened to him. All of a sudden he is the victim when he was the one who assaulted the owner. Al Sharpton has nothing better to do than say other races discriminate blacks but in reality the blacks are the one who discriminates the rest. He calls out the cop but how come he didn't call out the black guy who killed the innocent Asian guy a few weeks ago? This guy is nothing but full of shit and have hatred for other races.

  • Big T

    Another little punk causing mayhem. No sympathy for this little savage cretin. Too many of these animals running around. I can understand Mark Cuban's reasoning. And furthermore, someone should throw Sharpton thru a glass window. He's another rabble rousing racist bastard. Steven Pagones's life has never been the same due to Tawana. Too bad the stabber had bad aim when he tried to kill Al years ago.

  • lisa


  • nj666

    I take it the worker at the store isn't black because it looks like sharpton doesn't give a crap about that. This kids parents dont even look ashamed or embarrassed that their son got into this situation by committing a crime to begin with. but like its been said about countless criminals before him "not my baby, he's a good kid"

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