Interesting names pop up in poll of potential candidates for mayor

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s a poll that won’t shake up any politicians just yet, but it is interesting in that it takes the pulse of city voters.

It’s a snapshot if you will of how they feel about potential candidates for Mayor and how they are being influenced by a couple of current issues to name a few candidates they’d like to see run for Mayor in 2017.

Some of the names may surprise you. The poll was commissioned by City & State Reports, results of which were shared exclusively with PIX11 News.

De Blasio

A new poll shows who New Yorkers would vote in present day against de Blasio. (PIX11)

Throughout last years Mayoral campaign Bill de Blasio was seen as the anti Bloomberg candidate.

The former Mayors popularity had dropped sharply in the polls.

Yet he appears more popular than one might believe in this latest poll.

Hypothetically, if the mayoral election were to be held today, a sample group of 650 registered voters was asked who they would consider voting for against Mayor de Blasio.

Topping the list was former Mayor Bloomberg followed by former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Donald Trump, former Councilwoman and a charter school founder Eva Moskowitz and actor Liam Neeson.

Here’s how the numbers tally:

26 percent favored three term Mayor Michael Bloomberg going head to head with de Blasio.

17% would consider voting for Christine Quinn who tanked after an early lead in last years election.

Donald Trump, who was talking about running for Governor, was favored by 10% of voters to give it a shot for City Hall.

7% for Eva Moskowitz, a long time foe of Mayor deBlasio who fought his attempt to close down her Success Academy Charter School.

7% favored actor Liam Neeson who has been fighting to keep horse drawn carriages in Central Park.

In a match-up against any of those mentioned, de Blasio would garner 25% of the vote, just once percent fewer than Bloomberg.

The poll demonstrates just how passionate voters are over the issue of horse drawn carriages. Those surveyed were asked how Mayor de Blasio’s decision would impact them.

15% said they were more likely to vote for him if he banned the horses while 24 % said they would vote against him.

Of course this is no true barometer of voter sentiment toward an election still three and a half years away. But it is a snapshot of how they are feeling after four months of Mayor de Blasio’s leadership.

Where he goes with the carriage horse issue, could remain an issue that will haunt him all the way to 2017.

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    The mayor should be focused on the 23000 homeless children in the city, not getting rid of the healthy, happy, popular carriage horses.

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