Mayor de Blasio booed before Mets’ Opening Day game at Citi Field

CITI FIELD (PIX11) - “This should be an official day off for everybody.”  There are not many that would disagree with Mets fan Peter Grassotti assessment regarding the significance of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.  Who isn’t in favor of all baseball fans having the right to head to the yard and soak in the sights and sounds of the event that happens once a year?

Normally, the first day of the season produces a lot of optimism.  Yet at Citi Field on Monday, it was challenging to see visions of a bright future with the morning off to a gloomy and cold start.  Nonetheless, Evan Wynn didn’t have issues with it. Although the dog days of summer are still months away, the lifelong Mets fan came dressed to Citi Field the only way he knows how, “It’s baseball, it’s opening day, it’s the Mets.  I’m good in shorts, I’m good in flip flops.”

There was a constant theme PIX 11 News identified with fans coming to the ballpark, opening day is a family affair. “It feels great to spend time with my boy,” said Jim who admitted that the decision to spend Opening Day with his 8-year-old son James at the ballpark was easy.

As for James?  He was truly relishing a second opener with dad, because, “My sister is at school.”

De Blasio mets

Sister-in-laws Kelly and Megan Peterfriend came with their young children.  When asked how many opening days their will see in their lifetime? Megan snapped, “Hopefully a lot.”  As for how many World Series they will see with in their lifetime with the Mets coming out on top? “We’ll shoot for one.  Maybe one and we’ll see what we can do,” said Megan.

Once game time rolled around Mayor Bill de Blasio was working the halls underneath the stadium with Mr. Met.

Mayor De Blasio, a lifelong Red Sox fan showed up to throw the first pitch and share his thoughts on the infamous 1986 World Series between the Red Sox and Mets.

Then he took to the hill and was heavily booed.

The Mayor did fire a strike, to his credit.

As for the Mets, they fired a blank, losing in 10 to Washington 9 to 7.


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