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Family traps GIANT rat in kitchen

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The family said the rat measured 16-icnhes long. (Photo: Facebook)

SWEDEN (PIX11) — A family was shocked and terrified after finding a monstrous rat struggling in a trap in their kitchen.

The family said the 16-inch rat was still alive after the trap snapped around its neck, according to The Sun.

“The rat was so big, it did not die,” Eric Bengtsson-Korsas told the paper.


The trap didn’t immediately kill the giant rodent. (Photo: Facebook)

The Bengtsson-Korsas family lives in a suburb of Stockholm.

The massive rdoent eventually scurried behind some cabinets, where it eventually died.

“In the end we managed to find it dead, it had slowly strangled,” Erik said. “Then we felt a bit sorry for it.”

The family said the rat was causing major problems. It apparently chewed through a pipe, flooding the family’s kitchen.

The rat possibly got into the home via a ventilation pipe.



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