‘That’s sickening': Bus driver speaks out after being attacked as passengers looked on

FRANKLIN SQUARE, New York (PIX11) - A Long Island bus driver spoke out Thursday at the arraignment of the woman who allegedly beat her for not stopping at an unscheduled stop.

“No one helped and no one called 911, I’m the one who called 911,” said N6X bus driver Keisha McGregor.  “That’s sickening, the public, the world is like this; nobody actually came to say ‘Stop’ or ‘Don’t do it’.”

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She was referring to an ugly incident captured on cell phone video Monday afternoon, when 27-year-old Hempstead resident Ivey Dixon allegedly attacked her after the express bus didn’t make a local stop.  The video shows Dixon, police say, who was with her young child at the time, screaming at McGregor before unloading a barrage of punches while the rest of the bus passengers looked on.

When police arrested Dixon, the mother of three told them “I went too far.”  McGregor, a ten-year veteran, was treated for a concussion.

Dixon was arraigned on assault charges early Thursday and was ordered held on $15,000 bail.


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