Rent-stabilized tenants not allowed to use UWS building’s gym

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Management confirmed that the gym is reserved for market-rate tenants. (Photo: Google maps)

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Residents at an Upper West Side apartment building are outraged after finding out rent-stabilized tenants are not allowed to use the building’s new gym.

According to DNAinfo, only tenants who pay market-rate rent at the Stonehenge Village on West 97th Street have access to the new exercise room.

The majority of the residents in the former Mitchell-Lama housing building are rent-stabilized.

A spokesperson for the management company for the building told the website, “The small gym we built and opened this week is different in that it is aimed specifically at new and prospective tenants who expect certain amenities and incentives that are commonly available to market-rate renters.”

Rent-stabilized tenants’ key cards do not work to open the gym’s door and a sign advises not to hold the door for others.

Residents, however, are calling the situation segregation and say they were left in the dark about the gym’s construction and rules.

“I can’t let you make me a second-class citizen within my own building,” said Jean Dorsey, president of the the building’s tenants association.

Dorsey tells DNAinfo she plans on fighting the gym rules.


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