Mayor de Blasio explains why he kept NYC schools OPEN during another snow storm

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – With another snow storm pummeling New York City, making roads and sidewalks treacherous, many have the same question for Mayor Bill de Blasio: Why are public schools open — again?

Although parents, teachers and students are blasting the decision, de Blasio is standing by it. “The Sanitation Department was able to get out there all night and get ready for this,” de Blasio said while shoveling outside his home in Park Slope. “Roads will be in pretty good shape so we thought it was right to go ahead with school.”

de blasio1

Mayor de Blasio said the Department of Sanitation was able to clear streets and that the roads are in “pretty good shape.”

De Blasio also described the snow as “pretty easy to shovel,” saying it was not totally powdery and “certainly not wet and heavy” — a statement PIX11 meteorologist Linda Church disagrees with.

“This is a very heavy, wet snow,” Linda says. The type of snow that falls depends on how cold it is, Linda explains, and how much moisture is in the air. “The problem is, this is a powerful Nor’easter and has plenty of moisture.”

De Blasio also assured that the city is fully stocked with salt and other supplies for the storm. “We had a chance to rebound. We thought we would have a big storm last weekend, thankfully we did not.”

When asked if the city is fully ready for this latest blast from Mother Nature, de Blasio said, “Yes, we feel great. The Sanitation Department is doing an amazing job.”


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