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Woman takes $1000 cab ride from JFK to Boston, doesn’t pay

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Denise Rebelato was arrested after she couldn’t pay her $980 cab fare. (Photo:Handout)

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman who took a cab from New York City to her home outside Boston was arrested after she couldn’t pay the nearly $1,000 fare.

Denise Rebelato, 31, was charged with larceny on Wednesday after the driver called police.

Authorities say Rebelato grabbed the cab at JFK International Airport and had it take her to Framingham, about 15 miles west of Boston.

Upon arrival, she went inside to get the $980 fare. She came out 10 minutes later and said she didn’t have the money.

Rebelato posted on Facebook after the incident. “My CREDIT CARD didnt work n then I got arrested bcz I couldnt pay for a cab,” she said under a photo of the story in the MetroWest Daily News.

The paper reports that Rebelato agreed to a deal at her arraignment Thursday in which charges will be dropped if she pays the money within 30 days.

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The judge wondered why she didn’t take a bus, which would have cost her about $32.


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