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Woman breast-feeds puppy back to health

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The woman said the puppy was the runt of the litter and would not take a bottle (Photo: News Channel 13)

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (PIX11) — When a newborn puppy wouldn’t take food from a bottle, its rescuer did the only thing she thought could help: she breast-fed it back to health.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told News 13 in Colorado Springs, “I just did it. I never thought I would ever do that. That’s just something it was taboo to me as well, I guess you could call it a maternal instinct.”

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The woman said the puppy is now no longer the runt of the litter and is weaned off breast milk. (Photo: News Channel 13)

The woman said  the lab mix, whose mother was killed, was the runt of the litter and would not take formula. “He just wasn’t taking it. I didn’t know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn’t bear sitting there, watching him die,” she told the station.

The woman said that although she was embarrassed, she thinks what she did was right, as the puppy is now thriving.

A veterinarian however cautioned that zoonotic diseases can be bread from puppies to babies, and that human breast milk isn’t ideal for dogs.

“I’ve seen the results. That dog is alive because I took that initiative,” the woman added.