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Times Square, Broadway, Harlem asked to conserve power after snowstorm damages cables

New Broadway app allows theater lovers to skip TKTS nightmare lineNEW YORK (PIX11) – Con Edison is asking Harlem and a large part of midtown, including Times Square, to conserve power Thursday after snow, salt and ice damaged underground cables which require immediate repairs.

The area of Times Square asked to reduce power includes the theaters on Broadway, Times Square itself and Rockefeller Center. The midtown area is bounded by West 52nd Street on the north, West 39th Street on the south, 5th Avenue on the east, and Broadway on the west.  It affects roughly 3,500 customers, but significantly more people.

The Harlem area involves east to west, West End Ave to Broadway and 131st  to 153rd streets. This includes around 7,000 customers. Harlem customers were asked to refrain from using any unnecessary appliances like dishwashers and dryers until the problems are resolved.

ConEd has reduced power by 5 percent in all these areas to ease the demand on the affected cables.


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