DEBUNKED: ‘Fake’ snow videos spark conspiracy theories

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NEW YORK (PIX11) - YouTube videos of allegedly fake, geo-engineered snow being burned with a lighter have become ‘proof’, for some, of a government conspiracy.

“People say that Georgia snow isn’t real, so we’re going to see how real it is,” says one YouTube poster who gathers snow from her front yard, packs a ball, then takes a lighter to it.

“Wow, look at that, it’s not dripping,” she says.  “And then it’s black, what is that smell?”

Some online theorists have taken the ‘proof’ of chemical snow as the basis for a new government conspiracy — Washington is messing with Mother Nature to create geo-engineered snow storms in the search for new weapons technology.

Backing the theory, they say, is the presence of snow this year in places it isn’t normally expected — like the storm that turned Atlanta into what Twitter quickly dubbed a ‘Zombie apocalypse.”

Is there any truth to these Internet rumors?  No, say scientists and meteorologists.  According to WTVR’s Mike Stone, “When you heat something like this, it goes from a solid to a gas.  It’s called sublimation.  It doesn’t go from a solid to a liquid, i.e. melting.”

That would explain the lack of drippings, but what about that smell?  Most likely the butane from the lighter, or the chemical smell one would expect after getting their gloves a little too close to an open flame.


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