Searching for the homeless, NYC’s most vulnerable in bone-chilling cold

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – The Coalition For The Homeless can serve as many as 900 people on any give night.

In Midtown, the volunteers in the Coalition gathered in the brutal cold. We went along as they stopped first along the FDR with people already waiting in line for stew, milk and bread.

People told us they were fortunate to get a hot meal on a cold night like this.

Some people knew we were coming.

These meals are something they look forward to on cold nights.

Downtown, we saw people near the courts waiting for essentials to get them through the bitter night.

The coalition has scheduled stops, and they also stop whenever they spot people in need.

One man told us he sleeps in the subway to keep warm; he was braving the icy air for a hot meal.

Rain or shine, the coalition members have been out on the streets every night for the past 15 years.

The volunteers said they try to stay efficient and positive despite what they see to get the job done to help.