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Woman learns valuable lesson after kicking snow in cat’s face

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DETROIT, Mich. (PIX11) – Don’t mess with this cat.

A Michigan woman suffered swelling in her face and a trip to the hospital after instigating a fight with a stray cat who wouldn’t back down.


Maxx was kicking snow at a stray cat who later struck back.

Maxx, a resident from Melvin, Michigan, told WJBK that she was simply trying to “protect” her mother’s dog from a stray cat.

In the security video, Maxx was caught kicking snow at the cat she named “Buddy” before the furry feline retaliated and launched itself onto her head.


After sustaining scratches to her face and falling, Maxx backed off and retreated into her home. She got an infection that turned into into cellulitis, therefore causing her face to swell and went to a hospital.


According to WJBK, local officials found “Buddy” and tested it for rabies. However, to do that, the stray cat had to be put down. Tests came out negative for rabies.


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