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Mayor-elect de Blasio picks Bill Bratton as new police chief

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Bill de Blasio with Bill Bratton at a news conference on Thursday.

NE W YORK (PIX11) — Bill de Blasio has chosen William Bratton as  New York’s  next police commissioner, who is widely seen as a crime-fighting guru who spearheaded the city’s reduction in crime in his first tour as commissioner between 1994 and 1996.

Bratton will be tasked with carrying out de Blasio’s campaign pledge to reform the NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy, a practice Bratton expanded as police chief of Los Angeles.

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But the choice of  Bratton would seem to reassure skeptics of de Blasio’s toughness on crime. Bratton implemented a computer-based policing technique credited with significantly dropping crime in New York during the 1990s, ending a seemingly unresolvable crime epidemic.

“It is a great day for New York City,” de Blasio said as he announced Bratton as the next police commissioner.

“I have been associated with policing for 46 years,” Bratton said. “I love it.”

Bratton stressed the importance between trust and communication between the police department and the community. “In this city, I want every New Yorker to talk about their police…with respect and confidence that they will be respected in return,” Bratton said holding up the book, “Your Police” that he said he has taken with him to every police department he’s worked in.

Bratton succeeds Ray Kelly, who also served two tours as the NYPD’s top cop, in the 1990s under David Dinkins and again as Michael Bloomberg’s commissioner. His most recent tour has been the longest in city history.