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Congressman Grimm joins search for missing 19-year-old N.J. teen with autism

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Congressman Michael G. Grimm (R-SI/Brooklyn) is teaming up with the family of a missing teen with autism to cover the area where he was last seen.

Michael Karwan, 19, has been missing for five days.

He is described as high functioning but may be disoriented because he has been away from home so long.

The teen has black hair and brown eyes and is six feet tall. He is possibly growing a beard.

Mickael Karwan thumb

He was last seen Tuesday night leaving his home in Marlboro, N.J., after reportedly getting into an argument with his parents because he didn’t want to do his homework. His family believes he then boarded a bus to Manhattan because his father works in midtown.

Staten Island Congressman and former FBI agentĀ  Michael Grimm has joined the family to help in the search.

Rep. Grimm is close with the New Jersey family, who reached out for assistance in finding their son.

Along with Citywide Disaster Services, the congressman will be scouring Times Square and 24 hr locations tonight from 2 a.m., until 8 a.m. in hopes someone may have spotted the teen.

Police believe he is almost out of money.

The family also says the teen loves comic books and his favorite store is Midtown Comics on 40th St off of 7th Ave.

There is a $25,000 reward for finding the missing boy.


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