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Truman Show Delusion leaves people thinking they are secret reality stars

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – You may have seen “The Truman Show,” a movie about a man who’s life is actually a reality show. Since the movie came out more than a decade ago, reality television has flourished and people have experienced delusions, doctors said, similar to Jim Carrey’s character.

New York Psychiatrist Dr. Joel Gold declined to go on camera, but told us over the phone about his experience treating patients with Truman Show Delusion symptoms. Gold said people experiencing symptoms felt persecuted. They felt like their life was being broadcast against their will. He first saw it at Bellevue Hospital around 2002.

Dr. Alan Hilfer is the Chief Psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center.

“There are people who feel that they are being watched, that their neighbors are putting listening devices in their walls,” said Dr. Hilfer.

Those who battle any type of mental illness may struggle to find jobs or even a place to live.

In New York City, people can go to the “Fountain House” for help.

“It doesn’t always come out like the Truman story, but people have various kinds of beliefs about what’s going on in the world,” said President Ken Dudeck,”Usually it’s as simple as people getting medication, and then they start to get rid of some of that, but not always.”

It may be scary, but the truth is, in 2013, if we feel like we’re being watched or monitored in our everyday, are we really that delusional?