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How would you fix NYC? De Blasio gets earful from ‘Talking Transition’ tent

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Whether you want to call them ideas, suggestions or complaints, New Yorkers all have them and now they are getting the opportunity to let their voice be heard.

The effort is called “Talking Transition” and it’s opening up a dialogue between real New Yorkers and elected officials, giving them a platform to voice concerns and ideas to make the Big Apple a better place to live.

The ideas are then being presented to officials like Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio as the city makes the transition to new leadership.

Situated at the intersection of Canal Street and 6th Avenue, its hard to miss the massive busy tent that dons a simple message – Talk.

“The idea here is to really keep New Yorkers engaged [after the election] to allow tens of thousands of them to express their opinions to newly elected officials,” Talking Transition Project Director Danny Fuchs told PIX11 News.

Residents are being allowed to do that via Post-its and questionnaires taken on iPads at the Canal Street location as well as several other designated mobile sites.

The response so far has been overwhelming, according to Fuchs, with over 30,000 New Yorkers already taking part.

Visit the Talking Transition site to learn more on how to get involved and let your voice be heard or to find out when a street team will be in your area.