Wrong signs installed on NYC street

Signs give us direction and help keep order on the streets.

State Senator Tony Avella says he noticed a problem with some street markings along 32nd Avenue between Higgins and Farrington Streets in Flushing, Queens.

“We notified DOT of this dangerous situation, ” Senator Avella said, “Only to have the complaint closed out because they could not find the problem.”

The City acknowledges the mix up and says it will be fixed.

“The street markings were placed in the wrong location; they are supposed to be on the side streets –which have stop signs– rather than on 32nd Avenue, which is a through street,” said a NYC Department of Design and Construction spokesperson.

“We have directed the contractor to remove the markings as quickly as possible.  We apologize if any motorists were inconvenienced by having to make an unnecessary stop.”

The city does not plan to repave it. The markings can be removed through precision grinding.

PIX11’s Greg Mocker found this video that demonstrates one way to remove “thermoplastic pavement markings.”


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