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NYU student rescued after being trapped between 2 buildings


Asher Vongtau, 19, was rescued from between an NYU dorm and parking garage on Layette Street. (Photo credit: Facebook)

A missing 19-year-old NYU student was rescued from a crawl space between a dorm and a parking garage Sunday evening after he reportedly fell from the dorm in Chinatown.

Crews rescued Asher Vongtau at 80 Lafayette Street, where he was wedged in just a foot and a half wide space. Rescue crews had to cut through the wall to get to the student. University officials tell PIX11 Vongtau had gone missing last night and was discovered by a public safety officer who had been looking for him.


The crawlspace where the student was found on Lafayette Street.

It is not entirely clear how the student became wedged in the space, although preliminary reports indicate he may have fell. It is not yet known how long he was trapped between the buildings.


The FDNY had to break through part of the wall to reach the trapped student.

Officials say the man is in conscious but in critical condition. He is currently being treated at Bellevue Hospital.

This is a developing story; tune into the PIX11 News at 10 for the full story.


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