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NJ homeowners cashing in as swank Super Bowl rentals hit Craigslist

NEW JERSEY (PIX11) - There will be thousands of people coming into town for the Super Bowl, but where are they all going to sleep? Some New Jersey residents and New York residents have thought of a solution — and it involves giving up their homes to strangers.

“There were a bunch of homes, 800 dollars a night to a thousand dollars a night, and I said ‘let me try’, I mean it’s out there, I might as well go for it,” said Brian Krauss.

Brian Krauss of Saddle River, New Jersey has company on Craigslist for something he never thought he’d do, put his house up for rent for the Super Bow.

While he’s expecting beer and pizza, he doean’t want a fraternity taking over and partying on the table in his formal dining room.

“Worst case you know you’re on the Internet, so you don’t know what you’re getting,” said Krauss.

Krauss is proud of his Super Bowl ready man cave complete with Rolling Stones artwork.

“Chances are they’re going to come into town, and they’re going to want to work out a little bit,” said Krauss.

And, the gym happens to be just a a short walk from the giant kitchen.

Krauss is putting his home up for rent for about 35,000 dollars a week. The prices, the locations and the types of homes vary on Craigslist.


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