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Joan Rivers sued for $15M by former neighbor in condo catfight

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) – Joan Rivers is locked in a nasty legal battle involving a former neighbor in her luxury condo building in Lenox Hill.

Now, the comedian is facing a a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

Rivers is embroiled in a war of words with one of the former owners of a condo in the building, Elizabeth Hazan, where she is board president. Rivers refers to herself as “the scary lady upstairs” when it comes to her job as condo board president.

Hazen, 41, allegedly owes $200,000 in unpaid fees and miscellaneous charges to the building owners.

“It’s personal between her and me. It’s been that way ever since I moved in 2005. She spat in my face and called me a whore in front of my mother and brother when they were visiting me. Most mean woman you can imagine,” Hazan told the Daily News about her “relationship” with Rivers. “Her problem with me is that I’m young, she’s old, I’m beautiful, she’s ugly. Without makeup she looks like the Joker in Batman.”

The company Hazan signed her condo over to is suing Rivers for $15 million for denying her access to the condo, intercepting mail and for physical damages.
Rivers has yet to respond to the verbal attack.


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