Clueless Conn. weatherman eats CAT VOMIT on live TV

There’s that age old question: After food drops on the floor, what’s the longest it can go where it’s still good enough to eat? Some say three seconds; some have a five second rule.

 Well a weatherman at a local Connecticut news station not only blew the rule out the window, but took the question of what you can eat off the floor to a whole new level.

WFSB weatherman Scott Haney thinks he’s eating Grape Nuts cereal off the dirty studio floor. Mr. Haney soon figured out it wasn’t cereal he had scooped and eaten off the studio floor, but cat vomit.

“My cat threw up and I must’ve stepped in it and that’s what I ate,” the weatherman said in the next segment. “I thought it was Grape Nuts. I hate cat vomit, right here on television.”

As his understandably disgusted colleague said, “Make it go away, please.”

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 12.34.50 PM

WFSB weatherman Scot Haney ate cat vomit live on air, thinking it was Grape Nuts cereal.

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