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Hero that stepped in to stop biker beating breaks his silence

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Washington Heights, MANHATTAN (PIX11) – Sergio Consuegra is one brave man. He put himself in the middle of the motorcycle melee, determined to end the violence, and with some help from others, he succeeded.

Consuegra humbly accepting recognition from his Washington Heights community for stopping the biker assault on driver Alexian Lien and protecting his family. He says he felt intense danger, as he stepped into motorcycle madness.

“It was crazy out here, you see blood all over the place, and you see a baby. You hear all the sounds of motorcycles,” he said at a press conference Sunday.

Good Samaritan that stepped in to stop biker beating speaks

The father of ten was on his way to church when he saw bikers moving in on Lien’s Range Rover, one of them trying to drag out his wife while she was clutching their child.

“He grabbed the lady with his two hands. He was pulling her out of the car. He couldn’t,” Consuegra said. “I looked to the other side and I saw them knocking down the man to the floor, hitting him many times with a helmet.”

Consuegra said he saw maybe three bikers beating Lien and said he stood between then and the victim who lying on the ground unconscious.

He says he stared them down, and stood his ground.

“I kept saying ‘let it go guys, let it go’ and they started to leave. I turn around and I stood like this, my close relatives on the other side also doing the same thing. Protecting the family from them cause we felt they could have come back.”

Conseugra briefed cops when they arrived, and waited for the man he saved get into an ambulance.

Two other key witnesses were supposed to join Consuegra at the press conference, but had to back out because they are now cooperating with police.