Bikers attack SUV: Man beaten and slashed by angry bikers after road rage-fueled chase

The evidence of a violent Sunday afternoon ride could still be seen on the streets of Washington Heights Monday with broken glass and even blood where witnesses said a group of bikers targeted a family driving in an SUV.  Video of the incident, taken from one of the bikers’ helmet cams, was posted to YouTube Monday morning and showed how the mayhem may have started.

In the video a pack of bikers on a group ride to Times Square appeared to take over the West Side Highway with dozens of riders converging around a black Range Rover.  When one of the bikers braked sharply and slowed down, the driver hit him, but it is difficult to tell how hard the collision was from the video.

Biker Beatdown SUV Manhattan

A pack of angry bikers vandalize a a family’s SUV in Washington Heights after a wild chase in Manhattan on Sunday.

The SUV initially pulled over, but then took off after the bikers surrounded him and hurled threats while damaging his car, even slashing one of the tires, according to police.  The driver, a father in his 30s was accompanied by his wife and 2-year-old daughter.

The video shows the man accelerating suddenly and the Range Rover bouncing up as he drives away, running over at least three bikers in the process.

SUV hits bikers

Worried for his safety amid the pack of angry motorcyclists, the SUV driver took off, running over three bikers in the process, police said. (Image/Liveleak)

The bikers followed the SUV up the Henry Hudson Parkway to 178th and Wadsworth in Washington Heights where it was forced to slow down in traffic and due to damage to his tires.  One biker then hopped from his motorcycle and smashed in the driver’s side window with his helmet, before allegedly pulling the man from the car.

After the video cuts off, the bikers beat the driver severely, slashing his face and chest, according to the NY Daily News.

Alex Marques, witnessed the aftermath and said he saw blood and glass on the street when he came out of his 178th street apartment.  Marques said he also saw more than 20 bikes waiting around the corner before taking off when police arrived.

Biker gang

The mob of bikers was heading toward Times Square in an unsanctioned event that was being monitored by police, according to Commissioner Ray Kelly (Image/Liveleak).

“When you see something like that, it’s uncalled for. I don’t know what he did to the bikers, but they should have some remorse,” said Marques.

Jeffrey Dotel heard about the YouTube video on Twitter and was surprised to learn the assault took place just a couple of blocks from his home.

“I’m surprised no one got run over. With them speeding through the streets I’m surprised nobody else got hurt,” said Dotel.

A police investigation is ongoing.


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