DMV cheating ring used substitute drivers, cheat sheets on pencils

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The DMV on 125th street in Harlem is where police say several security guards and associates allegedly ran a cheating scam by charging applicants anywhere from $1500-2500 for a passing grade on Commercial Drivers License exams.

Investigators received a tip back in April from an informant who agreed to wear a wire.

DMV cheating ring used substitute drivers, cheat sheets on pencilsOn Wednesday a 38-page complaint was made public by the US Attorney’s Office.  Eleven DMV employees who work out of offices in Queens, Lower Manhattan, Massapequa and Harlem were named.

The scam would allow surrogate test takers to take exams instead of the applicant, or, in some cases, pencils would be marked with dashes as codes for answers.

The manager of Broadway driving school in Harlem said anyone scheming on a DMV test is putting the public at risk.

If convicted, the workers face the maximum of 25 years in prison.


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