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How will a goverment shutdown affect you?

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — On October 1the U.S. government could be closed for business as Republicans and Democrats continue to duke it out on a federal spending measure.

The last prominent shutdown happened in the 90’s and it caused several headaches with a price tag of $1.4 billion.

Lawmakers have about a week to get their get their act together because if they don’t, you know what is going to hit the fan.

The fact is, some of us – not all – will be affected but the longer a shutdown lasts, the likelier its effects will linger.

Places immediately effected will be national parks, zoos and museums. They will all be closed. There are about 368 national park sites in the country and 22 in New York alone.

One place that will not be affected: your local post office. Government shutdowns typically do not impact the operations of the United States Postal Service despite the many myths.

Speaking of myths, no need to worry because trash will be collected during a shutdown. However, if you live in Washington D.C., that’s another story.


An unfortunate consequence of living in the District of Columbia — the budget there needs to be approved by Congress. No budget means no garbage men which means one stinky situation.

Another situation that will unravel in a shutdown, that passport application you’re still waiting to be processed will even take longer. Visa applications will also go unprocessed.

The double whammy will directly hit tourism and the airline industry. Tourism is New York City’s bread and butter and brings in an estimated $32 billion annually.

Now if you’re a federal employee – consider yourself on furlough. That’s a fancy way to say you’ve been temporarily fired.

However, workers deemed as “critical services” like air traffic controllers and food inspectors still need to go to work but others can sit back and relax.

In previous shutdowns most non-critical service workers who stayed home were eventually paid retroactively after everything got back to normal.

A group who shouldn’t relax: military vets — they could see delays in processing of benefits as well as service cuts affecting health, income, travel and more.

Finally, what takes the biggest hit during a government shutdown — the public’s confidence in the lawmakers that they elected.

The fact that a group of politicians are willing to shut down the government, affecting millions of Americans just to prove a point is silly and disgusting.

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