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YIKES! NYC Department of Health building infested with BED BUGS

The city agency that is in charge of getting rid of the bed bugs is now admitting they are actually infested with the unsightly creatures, too.

The New York City Department of Health building in Long Island City is infested with the creepy crawlers.

Although the department tried to downplay the problem a few months ago, they have finally come clean about their skin crawling situation.

After several reports of the critters, the DOH notified employees via e-mail that live colonies of the bugs had been found on the 11th floor of the building.

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Sightings and complaints of bed bugs throughout the office have been going on for weeks, with the DOH saying inspections were conducted, pesticide was applied in small amounts to infected areas and vacuuming was done.

Employees were told to declutter their working areas and to put their belongings in plastic bags.

Ironically, they were also given a copy of the department’s bed bug information pamphlet.


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