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This man waited 2 WEEKS just to be 1st in line for a new iPhone 5S

“A lot of people just tell me, are you selling your phone? Are you this are you that? No, I’m keeping my phone, I waited out here 15 days,” said Brian Ceballo.

19-year-old Brian Ceballo could barely keep his eyes open Friday night, and even in his sleep he may hang on to his iPhone 5S. Ceballo spent 15 nights sleeping on 5th avenue.

While Ceballo camped out for more than two weeks in front of the Apple store, othersĀ  on the West Coast reportedly paid homeless people to wait in line for them in Pasadena.

Things got out of hand there leading to a fight and arrests. Now, the iPhone 5s on its first day is on back-order online.

Hundreds lined up the flagship Friday morning in New York. By Friday night, people were leaving empty-handed.

There appears to be extra security outside store. Police sources told PIX11 News in the past there have been illegal resale of iPhones in this area.

Meanwhile, Ceballo is learning his new I phone, keeping it close and taking a lesson from all of this hype and from his sacrifices on the street.


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