Local News

Ecuadorean child’s rare condition brings him to Stony Brook

Today a special young man is going back home after battling a rare condition. Ten-year-old Kevin Rosero of Ecuador had a rare venous malformation on his lips that made it very difficult to eat.

If not treated, Rosero risked bleeding, blindness, or even death. He could not be treated in Ecuador so he came to Stony Brook University Hospital courtesy of an organization called Blanca’s House.

Rosero had a total of 10 surgeries to treat his lips which were badly swollen and discolored.  Rosero told Newsday that he had worn a scarf over his lips for most of his life while growing up to hide the deformity.

A happy Rosero got another surprise Friday when he was met by the Stony Brook men’s soccer team and given an autographed ball, t-shirt and even a spot on the bench for the night’s home game against Rhode Island.


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