PIX11 Morning News

‘Confessions of a Hater’ tackles the issue of bullying

Author Caprice Crane’s latest novel, “Confessions of a Hater,” brings you into the world of an artsy teen and her struggle to find social acceptance from the “in-crowd.”  Although this is a fictional tale, it resonates with us all–whether it’s our own high school memories or the experiences are children are having now.  Bullying, teasing, fitting in…those are few topics uncovered.   The book has already received much praise from The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune.  In. addition, the buzz on Twitter from celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Ashley Fink, and Rachel Leigh Cook indicate that perhaps this best-selling author has a story people are connecting with.

Joined by lecturer and anti-bullying activist Traciana Graves from Project Bully Free Zone, Crane struck up a conversation with PIX11 Morning News anchors Sukanya Krishnan and Kirstin Cole about bullying and the need to build self confidence.  The compelling discussion hit home with each of them as they shared personal stories.

“Confessions of a Hater” is available in stores now.  There’s also more on the book at www.capricecrane.com or on Twitter @CapriceCrane.


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