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5 students hit by SUV that jumped curb in a freak accident

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(PIX11) — Five students were injured Thursday morning when an out-of-control vehicle jumped the curb and barreled into a group of students in front of a Maspeth school.

The five teens on their way to school didn’t even see the car coming.

The surveillance camera captured the impact. which we’ve decided not to air, and the frantic scene that followed.

Queens Accident

Police say the car struck the children close to 8 a.m. at I.S 73 located at Grand Avenue and 71st Street.

Although the investigation is ongoing, police believe the 40-year-old driver was attempting to park on Grand Avenue when he accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.

According to a witness, the SUV driver was dropping his own kid off at school.


Every day New Yorkers sprang into action, becoming heroes for these teens in need of help.

David Foubister was walking his dog just a short distance away when he says he heard the commotion, “I heard a boom and someone yelling, ‘Oh my God!”

Foubister was one of the six or seven men who helped lift the SUV off the two girls caught underneath.

Another witness, Lynx Garcia, said she held one of the injured girls until the ambulance came. “She was conscious…her mom had just texted her hearts and smiley faces,” Garcia said.

All of children, who are between the ages of 12 and 13-years-old, were taken to Elmhurst Hospital with minor head injuries, broken legs and cuts. They are listed in stable condition.

In this new school year, special emphasis has been placed on speeding drivers around school zones.

Police are calling Thursday’s incident an accident. The NYPD says the driver of the Honda Pilot never left the scene, and has been cooperating.

The driver appeared shocked and only said this: “It was an accident.”

No charges have been filed against the driver.