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Man dies after being scalped by his own model helicopter

A young man died in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon after he was scalped by a model helicopter.

Paramedics were called to the scene of the horrifying accident at Shore Parkway and Bay 44th St. where the man, 19-year-old Roman Pirozek Jr., was pronounced dead on arrival.

Model Helicopter_edited-1

Scalped Man

Facebook: Roman Pirozek Jr.

According to sources, the blades of the chopper took off the top of the Pirozek Jr.’s head.  At the time of the accident he was reportedly flying a helicopter with his father in Calvert Vaux Park.

Twitter: Roman Pirozek Jr.

An avid model helicopter enthusiast, Pirozek Jr. posted some of his flights to a YouTube page, including this one which he recorded with a camera fixed to the chopper itself.  Clearly skilled with the remote control, the video ends hauntingly as the camera faces Pirozek Jr. while he brings the craft in for a precise landing on a table just in front of him.

In the description of a video posted July 21st, he wrote:

“Loving my Trex700N DFC flying geat with the O.S. 105 regulated, Hatori Pipe, Cool Power 20% loving it man one of the best nitros that I have ever flown with so much power.”

He also maintained a Twitter and Facebook account which he used to show off his helicopters and publish videos of the flights.  His final tweet on Sep. 2 read, “Its just so sad how f—— retarded some people are, honestly…”

According to his Facebook page, Pirozek Jr. graduated from the High School for Construction, Engineering and Architecture in 2012.

This is a developing story, tune in for updates.


9 Comments to “Man dies after being scalped by his own model helicopter”

    ted said:
    September 5, 2013 at 7:04 PM


    Jerry said:
    September 5, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    Rip so sad too hear this looks like a lot of fun too fly wow !!!

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