Autism hate letter to boy’s family: ‘Euthanize him and donate any non-retarded body parts’

(PIX11) — A Canadian family received a shocking, hateful letter from a mail targeting their autistic son.

Max Begley, 13, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 . His grandmother received the anonymous note on Friday.

The letter called him a “nuisance”, “retarded”, “dreadful” and a noise polluter. It was signed “one pissed off mother.”

Max’s mother, Karla Begley, was shocked that the author of the despicable note could have children herself. “A mother could never, never write that stuff about a child.”

The letter included messages encouraging the parents to euthanize their son and donate Max’s “non-retarded” parts to science.

Thankfully, the family are getting help from the police because they now fear for Max’s safety. Their neighbors have also banded together to support him.

In the United States, you cannot press charges against someone who sends you hateful messages — as the aggressor’s freedom of speech is protected. However, the judicial system will support you in Canada.

Experts believe that the real solution to this kind of hate is simple — spreading awareness eradicates intolerance.  An average of one in 88 children are being diagnosed with autism today, and that number is rising.


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