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Is this the future of NYC living? Museum showcases ‘micro’ apartments

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EAST HARLEM (PIX11) – In New York, we’ve become accustomed to living in tight quarters — jammed packed living spaces with hardly enough room to breathe, let-alone live.

But at the Museum of the City of New York, there seems to be a solution.

Challie Stillman and her girlfriend Lina Franco downsized their lives for 24 hours.

The exhibit showcases how two people could live in an itty-bitty-spot known as a micro-apartment and still find a way to live comfortably.

The whole apartment only takes four or five seconds to walk through, and it’s only 325 square feet.

At 325 square feet, the size of this unit breaks a law that prohibits apartments to be less than 400 square feet.

But with the population expected to reach 9 million people in the next two decades, the city decided to let it slide for this experiment of miniature living.

Challie and Lina say they currently live in a 650 square foot one bedroom, but wanted to take on this 24 hour challenge to see if they could cut that space in half if needed

And even the “Waldo” we found hiding out up here didn’t seem to mind the dinky rooms, as the living room converts to the bedroom, and kitchen becomes a dining room for six — everything has a dual function.

The city is working to create homes like this one on East 27th street, where the special building will be full of 55 new micro units. 40% of them will be affordable housing.