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Who has smoked and who hasn’t? Mayoral candidates weigh in on if NYC should — or shouldn’t — legalize marijuana

(PIX11) – The issue of decriminalizing marijuana it seems no longer a liberal discussion. In a sit down interview with PIX11, George McDonald goes even further than democratic candidates we interviewed for our series on where they stand on the issues.

“I don’t think that should be a crime [marijuana usage]. I don’t think we should be clogging up the court system,” McDonald said.

That’s more than what some democratic mayoral hopefuls want. Christine Quinn for instance, like Bloomberg, is against legalization. She and Bill Thompson want stop-and-frisk produced marijuana arrests curtailed. But, that’s it.

“I’m not gonna say legalize, because I don’t believe in that,” Thompson said.

The City Comptroller’s office said we spend $31 million a year arresting people for marijuana possession — not to mention a social cost.

“It is taking away an immense amount of time and energy from the serious work police have to do, pursuing serious crimes. But, it’s also saddling a lot of young people with a criminal record, “ public advocate Bill de Blasio said.

Speaking of young people with criminal records, if everyone young person who smoked was arrested, guess how many politicians would have criminal records?

President Barack Obama would be one, who lived in Harlem as a black man who tried marijuana.

City Council Speaker Christine, public advocate Bill de Blasio smoked, Mayor Michael Bloomberg smoked, Bill Thompson, George McDonald and Republican front runner Joe Lhota have all admitted to smoking marijuana.

Anthony Weiner didn’t reply for the politicker article which leaves john Liu, the most forceful proponent of legalization, as the only candidate who has never smoked marijuana.

A republican goes further towards decriminalizing marijuana than democrats and the sole democrat who has not used marijuana ever, is the one fighting hardest for legalization.

Times, they are a changing.


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