Truck explodes on Queensboro Bridge, crippling traffic in NYC into the evening

It is summer Friday afternoon in New York City. But traffic across the city is especially wild.

After a truck exploded at 11:14 a.m. on the Queensboro Bridge, traffic backed up into Manhattan with cars waiting hours to get into the Queens-Midtown Tunnel during the evening commute.

Drivers tell PIX11’s Greg Mocker it took an hour to get across the bridge. Normally, that could be a 3-minute ride.

3 passengers in the semi that was carrying plastic and wire hangers noticed smoke coming from the engine. They escaped the truck as the backup diesel gas tanks holding added fuel to the fire.

FDNY responded to repeated calls from 911.

NYC Department of Transportation inspectors have decided a floor beam was affected and needs to be repaired due to damage from the fire and heat. Here is the statement:

“Immediate repair work will occur through the weekend with expected completion by Sunday morning. In the meantime, traffic in both directions will remain open using the span’s westbound roadways (upper level will be Manhattan-bound and lower level will be Queens-bound). Once this repair is complete all but one lane of the Queens-bound roadway can re-open. The final lane (on the upper roadway) will re-open once all repair work is done.”


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