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Brooklyn locals are camping out at Interfaith Medical Center to keep it open

 (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)(WPIX11) - Brooklyn residents are lighting candles and preparing to spend the night, camping out in front of Interfaith Medical Center to protest its planned closing.

 In the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, Interfaith Medical Center had served the city’s working poor since the turn of the last century.

 For many this is the only hospital they’ve ever known.

 “We all need this hospital in Brooklyn,” a hospital worker told PIX 11, afraid to give her name. “There are a lot of sick people here.

 We need this hospital to stay open,” the hospital worker added.

 But Interfaith officials say they must close November 14th because they are deeply in debt and they blame the state for cutting off their funding.

 Hospital officials say very few Interfaith patients pay out of pocket. 33 percent of the adult Interfaith patients have no insurance.

 The biggest blow to Interfaith came when the state reduced the Medicaid reimbursement rate to the hospital by 40 percent.

 People at the hospital and the organizers of this vigil are hoping they can keep Interfaith open.

 “This vigil will make a difference,” organizer Sharonnie Perry told PIX 11. “Governor Cuomo will meet with local elected officials.”

 “Also the Bankruptcy hearing in court was delayed from August 15th to August 26th.

That leaves us very optimistic that this hospital will remain open.” Perry added.



2 Comments to “Brooklyn locals are camping out at Interfaith Medical Center to keep it open”

    Techman said:
    August 12, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    Interfaith Hospital (and others slated) SHOULD CLOSE! People have been using hospital emergency rooms as their personal "doctors office" long enough. Obama gave them "health care on the arm" so they would STOP going to the hospital for their "normal medical care" and very shortly they can begin using it….just like everyone else is going to be FORCED TO DO, BUT WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR OR BE FINED.

    Because hospitals MUST treat EVERYONE, I suspect illegal aliens, that aren't supposed to be eligible for Obamacare, are there screaming the loudest. It's getting to the point where the people demanding the most from government, and scream the loudest, pay little or no taxes in this country. We will just need to see how this is going to work out in the coming years, when the non-taxpayers finally become the majority and the "Dream Act" turns into the "American Nightmare Act".

    Guest said:
    August 14, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    Interfaith is a terrible hospital. It is not a stroke center. It is not a center that offers cardiac catheterization in the event of a heart attack. It does not have hypothermia therapy for our cardiac arrest victims. It is not a trauma center. We will never bring you there for anything actually serious. All we bring to them are drunks and people with minor illnesses. The staff is rude and lazy. The doctors are incompetent. They treat their patients like they are garbage but now want to preach that the community needs them. What an irresponsible practice by the politicians to save a hospital that doesn't provide resources to actually deal with a dense population full of comorbidity of disorders. People are better off taking an ambulance to Brooklyn Hospital, Kings County Hospital, or Methodist. Never mind the extra distance. Your health will be benefitted by taking an extra 3-5 minutes to go to another hospital. Close it down already.

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