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(Un)surprisingly, a dead shark isn’t the weirdest thing seen on the NYC subways

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QUEENS (PIX11) – New Yorkers get to see a lot of unexpected things underground, but this captured the fascination of the city.

On Wednesday, the MTA confirmed a dead shark was found riding a Northbound N train. A spokesperson said it was disposed of in a garbage bag.

But during it’s ride towards Astoria, it was already a star in a flurry of cell phone pictures — a few of which landed at the Gothamist.com. The fascination had already begun, by the end of the day the subway shark would have its own Twitter account: @nycsubwayshark.

Online, the self-appointed experts said it was fished from Coney Island. Others claimed it came from a fish market– though who would buy a shark then not notice it was on the subway floor?!

For New Yorkers, it was but another interesting episode in a year already filled with subway news. From animalistic behavior exhibited by fellow straphangers — fights, molesters, robbers — to things that would lend to a new MTA motto: smell something, say something, homeless riders stinking up trains.

But for every cringe-worthy moment so far this year, there have been multiple more instances of humor and New Yorker spirit that makes riding fun for the six million daily riders below. Comedy acts this year have brought giggles including a fake panhandler. Musical acts have enthralled with a growing trend (we hope) of riders unexpectedly joining in on jams. And dance acts have gotten more creative too.

With all the entertainment below, we just wonder how many are missing their stops while distracted.