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Businesses being forced out of Willets Point rally for compensation

WILLETS POINT, QUEENS (PIX11) – Business owners in Willets Point say the city slapped them with 30 day eviction notices, so they took to the streets to protest.

“We want justice,” said Rev. Raymond Rivera, “The city is racist because if we were not Latino business owners this would not be happening.”

Harsh words coming from about 100 business owners affected by the City’s Redevelopment Project in Willets Point.

The city and the business owners have been battling for years over the land on 126th street near Citi Field, but under eminent domain the city has the upper hand.

Most of the business owners have moved on but some say the 30 day notice is not enough time.

Manny Flores, one of the business owners in the area said, “Right now its about money, many of these business owners have no place to go and just want some compensation in order to move.”

Flores has been in the area for more than 30 years and tells us he is forced to move out of town because relocating here in the City is not an option.

The Economic Development Corporation said the city has been working with the owners since day one to help them find the resources they need to move on and we will continue to do so.

To add insult to injury Flores said, “Citi Field is doing well, why can’t we get some help as well.”



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