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Weiner won’t let pundits push him out of mayoral race

FweinermanLUSHING, QUEENS (PIX11) – Beleaguered New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner — under intense pressure to quit the race because of his second “sexting” scandal in two years — told PIX11, “I won’t let political pundits influence my decisions.”

Weiner was besieged by reporters outside a Chinese American senior center in Flushing, Queens. He refused to answer repeated questions about former President Bill Clinton and his wife, the former Secretary of State, who are reportedly leaning on political associates to push Weiner out of the mayoral race. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, worked for years as a close aide to Hillary Clinton. The Clintons reportedly don’t want comparisons made between the former President’s own sex scandals and Weiner’s penchant for tweeting photos of his penis.

On Sunday’s national talk shows, President Obama’s political strategist, David Axelrod, said Weiner should step aside. “At this point, it’s absurd,” he said, about Weiner remaining in the race, “He is not going to be the next Mayor.”  Axelrod is friends with Weiner’s wife.

Weiner, though, received polite applause from the Chinese American senior citizens, as he addressed concerns about housing and crime.

He even charmed them by attempting a few words in Chinese.

“He didn’t touch anyone,” said Ethel Chen, president of the American Chinese Women’s Association of New York. “This is between him and his wife.”

While Weiner was talking in Flushing,  Sydney Leathers — the woman who “outed” him for his continued “sexting” after leaving Congress –  was reportedly on a plane bound for New York City to appear on the Howard Stern show.

Leathers of Princeton, Indiana has now hired a publicist. Weiner,  in the meantime, has lost his campaign manager.


1 Comment to “Weiner won’t let pundits push him out of mayoral race”

    Lauren said:
    July 29, 2013 at 1:03 PM

    he needs to step down and unfortunately for President Clinton, people are already comparing … saying what's the difference between what Clinton did and this idiot … I say a lot … I say he didn't lie in trying to make a political comeback … only for him to be outted again … Weiner came back saying it's over, that's all there was … then out of the blue … it's now NOT 2 OR 3, IT'S 10 OR 11? Say bye bye and slither back into the private sector Weiner

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