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Elderly LICH patient that went missing found in Florida

(PIX11) – An elderly man that went missing from Long Island College Hospital last week has been found at a home in Fort Pierce, Florida, authorities have confirmed to PIX11.

81-year-old Celso Heredia went missing from LICH last Wednesday. Fort Pierce police say Heredia is in good condition and are investigating how he made it all the way to Florida with no money or identification.

As PIX11 first reported, Herdia — who does not speak English — was admitted into LICH on June 15th after he was found wandering along the BQE.

Heredia — like many other patients at LICH — faced an unclear future as the hospital has been fighting shutdown for months.

The hospital diagnosed him as having an “altered mental status.”

SUNY Downstate spokesman Bob Bellafiore — who would not confirm or deny Heredia was the missing LICH patient — told PIX11′s Mario Diaz, “We’re glad Mr. Heredia is home.”

LICH is scheduled to transfer the remaining patients out of the hospital at 10 p.m Sunday, an NYPD source said.


6 Comments to “Elderly LICH patient that went missing found in Florida”

    CUOMO & SUNY LIES said:
    July 29, 2013 at 7:53 AM

    We all knew this is what happened! Somebody should ask for the security video of the 1st floor Othmer elevators & Avram Conference Center exits of 7/24. If they don't exist, we know who lost those too. SUNY Downstate adminstrators had the whole staff on Celsos floor suspended without pay like it was the staff's fault that Downstate had their security steal the patient out of the hospital. They are such slime. Their continued attack on LICH is now being investigated by the NY DA Rackets Division, The Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Division, has a Supreme Court order to show their books & account for all the money & property they took from LICH by Aug 5, & are in court facing contempt charges for violating court restraining orders to NOT divert ambulances or McCall of SUNY, John Williams & James Karkenny of Downstate are making Governor Cuomo look as slimey & corrupt as they are! Not good while he is running around the state touting the public trust & vowing to not rest until NYers are confident in their public officials & their faith in government is restored. He can start in Brooklyn at LICH.

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