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Weiner says he wouldn’t judge other top NYC officials if they faced similar scandal

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) – Embattled Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner provided a glimpse of what he might be like as Mayor at a campaign stop on Staten Island Friday afternoon.

PIX11 News asked Weiner, if he were to be elected Mayor and the potential NYPD Commissioner or Schools Chancellor had the same types of images and storyline that has emerged in the last few days, would he take their candidacy seriously?  “People have their personal lives, if it is unconnected to their professional duties,” said Weiner.

The 48-year-old then added a few seconds later, “Of course, I’m not long to judge someone’s personal life.”

If there’s ever a guy that is desperately trying to put this week behind him, it’s Weiner.

And keep in mind the week is not over yet.

The Weiner campaign took its act to a Sandy ravaged home on Loretto Street where one local was completely unimpressed that Weiner was in her neighborhood.

The strategic campaign stop could not have been more remote in terms the city’s layout. To put into perspective, it was exactly 32 miles from the Empire State Building. The same building that Weiner straddles on the cover of the new New Yorker magazine.

While Weiner was trying to change the talking points to rebuilding after Sandy, his message was never absorbed.

Ignored by nearly every media outlet in the city as his campaign continues to operate in crisis management mode as a result of his latest texting scandal.

The campaign did confirm to PIX11 News that no staffers have left, no donors have asked for the return of their contributions and the campaign will not be going up with new television ads in the near future to try and counter the scandal that has annihilated his campaign.

In the end, Weiner walked away from the self-inflicted media storm saying he’s not sure how much longer he will address the scandal.